Two Toddlers | One Shower

Two Toddlers | One Shower

As I start to write this while laying down in bed with exhaustion starting to creep in. Ava is passed out beside me snoring, Ivan on the other hand is wired, won't stop moving and keeps trying to wake his sister up. He's trying to count "6, 8, 9" which gives me a giggle in [...]

Baby shopping tip

You need to know this when your busy out and about. Went shopping yesterday and was suprised at what I came across.  Checking dates on everything is like my mini obsession. I observe every little detail when purchasing products for my baby.  Shocked to discover the first package of Dentinox Cradle cap shampoo was out [...]

The 3 A`s Affection, Appreciation, Amour

When I think of these words, My parents come to mind. They have been unbelievably breathtaking, strong individuals. My Dad, a man that keeps his emotions to himself , jokes alot and seems to take life in his stride. Our childhood consisted of him always bringing home treats after work, making the best ham and [...]