Kids Top 15 Netflix Shows

Lockdown number three has arrived and kids will need to be kept entertained. When it’s time for mammy to start cleaning or cooking dinner, the TV goes on. Netflix has been a god sent and the kids love picking different shows to watch, even Ava has mastered how to use it. So without further a due here are our fifteen favourite Netflix shows that got us through 2020 and looks like it’s going to help us through 2021 lockdown also. Comment below your favourite.

15. BEAT BUGS | 2016 | 3 series

Beat bugs is an animated show about five funny bugs with music from the beatles. Aimed at 5 to 7 year olds. My two who are 4 and 5 absolutely love it.

14.CHIP AND Potato | 2018 |1 series

About a pug and a mouse as they start pre school together. All about making new friends and starting a new journey in her life. Learning new things every day. Another favourite in our household.

13. OCTONAUTS| 2010 | 3 series

About a team of undersea explorers rescuing sea creatures and protecting the ocean. Produced for cbeebies as a British television series. Thumbs up for us.

12. PABLO | 2017 | 1 series

Pablo is a 5 year old boy who has Autism and it shows his daily life with his imaginary friends who come to life with his magic crayons. A Co.Down production and I hope they will release another series soon. A must watch.

11. HEY DUGGEE | 2015 | 1 series

Hey Duggee is a British animated educational television series aimed at 2-5 year olds. Based around squirrel club where the children take part in all different activities and earn badges for their rewards.

10. SCHOOL OF ROARS | 2018

This show is about five monsters who go to a school for monsters at night called the School of Roars. They learn lessons while doing different activities and fun games. The characters are full of life and your kids will love this and it may even make them less afraid of monsters.


A classic that just has to be featured as my two have watched this since baby’s. The show revolves around peppa, her family and friends. A preschool educational animated television series that took the world by storm.

8. SUPER WINGS | 2014 | Series 3

A happy jet and his transforming friends travel the world delivering packages to children. If there is ever a problem they always find a solution. It’s a very joyful and educational show and your kids will definitely enjoy it.

7. PAT A PAT COMO | 2016 | Series 1

For como and his friends every adventure is a new lesson on what’s important and how to take care of one another. It’s a real feel good show and kids will learn so many feelings and how to spread kindness.

6. EARTH TO LUNA | 2014 |Series 1

6 year old Luna, her brother Jupiter and pet Clyde explore nature to learn about the world. Very curious and keen to explore, luna loves science and her adventures will excite your little one and they will learn so much about our planet.

5. 44 CATS |2018 | Series 2 |

Tales of singing furry friends who are in a band together. With so many different adventures and stories, your kids will be kept entertained watching this show and maybe even start to sing along.

4. LlAMA LlAMA | SERIES 2| 2018

Based on a beloved children’s book character, Llama Llama springs to life in this heartwarming series about adventures with his family, friends and learning every day. I have to say this is one of my favourites.


When something is wrong in the rainbow kingdom, True and her best friend Bartleby are there to grant wishes and save the day. A wonderful magical show full of excitement and adventure, perfect for kids imagination.

2. PAW PATROL |Series 3| 2013

Won multiple screen awards including best pre school program or series. 9 heroic puppies led by a tech savy 10 year old pull off high stakes rescue missions using humor, problem solving skills and cool vehicles. My son is obsessed and this is his go to show and has alot of the toys too so he gets hours of fun from paw patrol.

1. SUPER MONSTERS |Series 3| 2017

Preschool kids whose parents are the world’s most famous monsters try to master their special powers while preparing for kindergarten. They have plenty of specials especially around Halloween which is a great show to sit sown with your little one on Halloween night. My little girl loves this and I think it deserves a no. 1 spot because of its creativity and uniqueness.

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