The Soother Fairy

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this so I hope every one has had a beautiful Christmas and a happy new year. We had a tough one with both children getting a chest infection and on steroids and antibiotics to clear it up. I’m looking forward to getting back into routine now and actually knowing what day it is.

So from the heading you will see the Soother Fairy, who’s she you ask? She’s one of the special fairies picked to come collect your soother (or dodee) when they think your ready to go to sleep without it.

Ava had just turned 4 in August and I had really hoped by then she would have just grown out of it but it was not as easy as it sounded. She only used it for nighttime, it’s always helped with her sleep and grinding her teeth (which I still have to get to the bottom of).

So I’ve been mentioning the Soother Fairy to her for a while now and we are very lucky that the fairies live close by in a big beautiful fairy tree in a field beside my mams where we are living at the moment. I tried to get her to leave it under her pillow many nights but she always caved in. I wasn’t in a rush because like everything it will happen eventually. Although I have to say that mom guilt never goes away no matter what you do so I’m trying to be more positive and relaxed about transitions.

My kids only have one soother each and a spare one just incase. When Ava lost her only soother she decided she would take one of her brothers ones, she honestly didn’t mind, I’m sure her brother Ivan thought differently at the time. So when that disappeared over the Christmas break I wasn’t giving in and buying a new one.

“The fairies, they must have came during the night and took it back to the fairy tree” I said. Her face lit up ,”but where is my present?” she replied. You see the soother fairy is quite like the tooth fairy and leaves a little present once she knows your sleeping all night and being super brave without it. If your ready and the fairies havent came to visit yet you can go and leave them at one of the fairy trees where the fairies live. This makes their job a little easier because soothers are quite heavy for fairies to carry when they are flying.

So with that, the soother was gone and Ava was waiting patiently for 3 nights, every morning waking up to see did the fairies come back and leave a surprise. One morning we woke up to find a beautiful gift bag beside the bed and inside was a thank you card, a fairy jigsaw and baby clothes for her doll. We couldn’t believe it, it was magical.

It was heartbreaking listening to her calling out for her dodee the last week and last night was the first time she never even mentioned it. It was like she was going through withdrawals without it, screaming for her soother just as we would get into bed. I suppose it’s not easy when you look over and your brother is happily cuddled up in bed with his. There was one night where she tried to take Ivans off him while he was sleeping

Two months later and there is no mention of it at all. The fairies saved the day once again. I couldn’t be more proud of Ava because she was always a great sleeper and I thought this may affect her in the middle of the night but she proved me wrong.

So if your struggling with your little one or are planning on doing it soon definitely start mentioning the fairies. It’s magical after all and kids are full of imagination and it’s our job as parents to enhance that into their lives.

Love Laura xoxo