How to start a Blog in 2019

Want to know a simple way to start a blog? Start from scratch and create content that your audience will enjoy! Are you passionate about writing and accelerating your self progression? Well you have come to the right place. I can’t wait to share with you all what I have learned in the last few years from starting my very own blog.

If you haven’t subscribed to my email list, sign up now and I will personally answer any questions you may have. Below I’ve listed out a step by step guide on where to start. This is my own personal experience and I have chosen my top tips which I hope will help you with getting your very own blog up and running correctly.

Become Creative

You want to start a blog but don’t know where to start. You are starting something new and you may think, why would someone be interested in my blog? Everyone is different and there will always be someone out there who can relate to you. Write down five words which best describes you as a person and another five words on what your blog will be about. This will help you to understand what you want to talk about and also what audience you will be targeting. This will help you to become creative and confident in your ability to write.

Pick a Blog Name

So you have figured out what you want to share with the world. Now it’s time to start looking into a name that will stand out but also relate to your blog. Always check to see if the name you have chosen has been used already. You don’t want to get to a stage of owning a domain and figure out its already taken and you have to add or remove words. This will confuse your readers and will not be so easy to find on Google search.

Choose a Platform

Platforms such as WordPress, wix, blogger and square space are just a few to mention. Personally I use WordPress. I will share a tip with you which I only figured out recently. WordPress has two different versions. WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com

If you are thinking about using WordPress, I would definitely recommend looking into both before you decide. With WordPress.Org you can easily add features and there are more options available to change your layout and appearance. It definitely looks more professional and I wish I had known about this when starting my blog.

Start Designing

Now you have your blog set up, you can start designing the layout, theme, your logo and add features that will stand out. Don’t rush this, find what suits best. It’s your blog, so make sure you are satisfied with the colour scheme and theme. Over a period it will change, your blog will grow and you will learn to use the platform and become a member of the blogging community.

First Blog Post

Your first blog post isn’t likely to go viral and you may not have any readers straight away other than your mother and partner, but it’s just the start. Take your time with it and give it all you got. If you enjoy writing, it will come alot easier and will probably flow better. If you like to take photographs you can use your own personal images to break up the reading and make your page more attractive and appealing to your readers. Plenty of sites to also download free images relevant to your site and blog posts.

A Catching Headline

Always remember to use words, phrases and eye catching sentences relating to your site. Posting a blog post and having a title that will help you within SEO (search engine optimisation). Remember you want your blog to be seen so focus on strong keywords not just as a topic but all through the article.

Thank you for reading and if you have any further questions or looking for more information, I’m more than happy to assist. I remember all too well how daunting it can be in the beginning, but I am here to help. Part two will continue where I will share more in depth information about using analytics, ad words, email listings and how to get your site seen with SEO.

Laura xoxo

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