Mummy Pages Plus

I am so excited to be apart of Ireland’s exclusive club for mums, Mummypages Plus. When they approached me to be an advocate, I really wanted to be sure it would benefit my followers, so with good consideration and research, I happily accepted. Something for just mums, designed by mums, oh yes please we need more of this.

Mummy pages plus exclusive club package

“A Mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.”

I’ve been getting tons of messages asking what is Mummypages Plus and what do you have to do to become a member. So I decided to put a blog post together explaining it all. Below is a descriptive, yet simple explanation and hope it helps you in your decision making.

Mummypages Plus is Ireland’s newest exclusive club for mums. An app developed just for mums which has access to exclusive rewards and discounts. There are over 180 partners so far and it can only get even better. The app just launched at the end of 2018 and is a very community driven platform and is looking into supporting mums by delivering businesses and partners in the areas and locality in which they live.

Below is a list of some of the amazing partners that are apart of the Mummypages plus app with great discounts and savings.

  • Circle K – Offering 3c off every litre of Petrol / Diesel
  • Just Eat – 15% of all orders
  • Spotlight Whitening – 25% off
  • Pharma Direct – 15% off
  • Captain Americas – Free kids meal
  • Treat Boutique – 20% off
  • Inglot – 20 % off
  • I Clothing – 20% off
  • Easons – 27% off
  • The Health Store – 20%

If you are interested in joining and subscribing for your very own Mummy pages plus reward card, Click Here !

The annual fee is €60 euro and once you have paid, your mummypages plus package will be sent out to you straight away. Your probably curious now as there is a fee, but honestly over the year you will save, save, save as there will always be new offers and discounts to suit you and your family. Once you receive your card, it will have a direct number which you will allocate to your account. All you have to do next is download the Mummy Pages app and Sign up for an Account. Then head to the rewards section (for android users) and enter your allocated card number. (For Iphone users) go to and enter your card details.

The platform is really exciting and daily working through all potential partners. This is all down to us, the mums. What would we like to see on the app? What stores do we regularly shop in and would love to see great discounts, giveaways and competitions from. Get in touch and let us know so we can keep improving the app and get the best deals that we want to see.

MummyPages Plus

Any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for reading.

Laura xoxo

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