Two Toddlers | One Shower

As I start to write this while laying down in bed with exhaustion starting to creep in. Ava is passed out beside me snoring, Ivan on the other hand is wired, won’t stop moving and keeps trying to wake his sister up. He’s trying to count “6, 8, 9” which gives me a giggle in the mist of it all.

Moms, mams and mums everywhere, how do you bathe more than two children ? Everytime I get broody I just take one look at Ivan and tell myself I need to hold off for a while. He’s a bit of a trouble maker the last while and is obsessed with water.

That’s the reason why I’m sharing my thoughts on bath/shower time. I remember loving that special time when they were smaller and couldn’t move so much. Now it’s a struggle, a work out for mama more like. It’s pretty unpredictable too as I don’t know what mood they will be in and myself for that matter. You need to take everything into consideration but I usually just go as fast as I can if we are having a bad day.

One wants to stand, the other wants to sit. Mama only has two hands and even with the non slip mat underneath them, they still manage to hurt themselves somehow. This is the greatest skill of a parent, keeping them alive. By the time they learn how to walk they start to know how to dictate your life too.

For the last two years I have found myself in different stages and situations where I may need to bath one at a time or even hop in and join them . Please don’t judge me, I may not have showered in the last two days, okay maybe three and this will be the only chance I get.

The screams from shampoo in their eyes because they wouldn’t put their head back like I asked. The laughs as we sing baby shark and play a game or two. The cold taps turning on and off because Ivan likes it like that. Suppose you could say I let him do what he likes when in the shower just to get through it.

Our routine was getting boring, for not only the kids but mama too. I needed to spice things up a little, it is nearly Halloween after all so I went with a Halloween themed shower.

It worked even better than I expected. Ivan was definitely spooked and Ava was there to protect him. Really looking forward to Halloween this year, dressing up and getting to take them both out trick or treating. What are you and your little ones dressing up as?

Laura xoxo

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