Our School Morning Routine

Will start of by saying not everyday is the same in this house and how could it possibly be, when you have two little people dictating your life.

7-7.30 am

Kids wake up, usually because Dad has made so much noise getting ready for work. We wash our faces, brush our teeth and change them stinky nappies.

8 am

Breakfast time, usually consists of cereal as I know they won’t kick up a fuss, they will just eat. On a good day we make pancakes with Nutella and have the best toppings such as strawberries, bananas and blueberries. I try do this on a Monday or Friday to start or end the week on a good vibe.

8.45 am

The TV usually comes on at this point so they can watch some educational videos such as learning the Alphabet, numbers, colours and shapes. Maybe the odd baby shark or monkey banana (if you know you know}. Blippi is a life saviour for cranky mornings! This allows time for me to do a quick clean of the kitchen, scrubbing the dishes from the night before and vanishing our morning mess.

9.30 am

Getting dressed is the fun part. Im not one of them mams who get ready the night before but I’m sure that will all change once Ava will start school earlier next year. For now it’s a relatively relaxed environment and we can take our time. It probably takes me longer to brush and style Avas hair than it does with anything else, still learning.

10 am

Mama can sit down and have a cuppa in peace , check emails and start a blog post. While they play with some toys and keep each other entertained until one decides they want, what the other one has. A daily accurance in our house.

10.20 am

Time to make the school lunch, which I thought I would have got fed up with by now. I try to keep it healthy and foods that I know she likes. Everyday she has came home with an empty lunchbox, except for that time dad made lunch. At least he tried.

10.35 am

Jigsaws, colouring books, play dough or something really creative to keep them busy while I sort out that big pile of laundry on the floor. Remove the clothes from the dryer, which was abandoned over the weekend. The kids usually like to help me so I just go with it. Also try to sweep the floor and wipe down the countertops. I am no Mrs. Hinch!

11 am

Where does the morning go? Double checking Avas school bag is ready and getting the buggy set up for our walk to school. Leaving out coats, hats and shoes at the bottom of the stairs so we can quickly grab without hesitation.

11.15 am

A quick snack such as fruit or rice cakes to keep us all going until lunch time. Might have another sneaky cup of tea as the last one went cold pretty quickly.

11.30 am

This is where I make sure kids are clean and ready to go. Hoping no one does a number two before we leave the house. Usually happens majority of the time though and if it’s not this, it would be possible, that something catastrophic could happen.

11.45 am

We’re out the door! That feeling of a fresh crisp autumn morning, breathing in that beautiful air with the sun breaking through the clouds. Its nice to be able to walk to school when it’s not raining of course. As I said this is just an average day, not all my mornings turn out like this. You can’t control everything that happens, so just run with it. Your not super mam, just do what you can and especially if your not in the mood, just leave all the housework and plonk yourself on the couch until it’s time to go.

Love Laura xoxo

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