The belly rub

When your pregnant everyone wants to touch your belly and sometimes it can get pretty annoying after a while…

Do you know what’s even more annoying, a baby who won’t go to sleep without giving me a belly rub. I call it a belly rub but it resignates more like pinching, grabbing and having feet and hands dig deep as if he’s trying to get back inside.

I always found it quite irritating but suffered through just for him, as you do mamas. Last night, he was kicking, moving and hands going from left to right. I stopped, glanced down at his sweet face and started to cry. All this time I gave out about this moment, never once did I appreciate my son cuddling up to me and wanting to be soothed by my skin. Daddy just won’t do!

Soon he won’t be this small and won’t want mammy all the time, soon he will fall asleep by himself, soon he will be a big boy and mammys skin just won’t be good enough.

Its extremely hard to realise what you have before it’s gone, before it’s actually gone. So grateful this moment happened as I was having a bad day and that moment put everything into perspective. Reminded me of who I am? I am a mother, a partner and a house keeper. I have these responsibilities and if I don’t do it, it won’t be done. Just wanted a shower and maybe some chocolate in peace before I have to rush around the house picking up every last toy. All for an hour in peace before I probably fall asleep on the couch.

Appreciate my saggy belly which I usually cover with high waisted trousers. My low boobs that just completely drooped after weaning Ivan and how noticable the right is much bigger than the left. I’m comfortable now because I reflect on how much work my body went through for my two beautiful children and how hard I was on myself.

It’s nice to see Ivan be so astounded by how wobbly my belly can be and how he finds it so comforting. Im just going to embrace it until it ends. So mamas be grateful you have your little one in your arms and that beautiful mom bod that was created. Soon it won’t really matter, I promise.

Laura xoxo

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