Breastfeeding stats Ireland 2018

Getting frustrated with not being able to find breastfeeding statistics in Ireland, I went and created my own. I asked my Instagram followers a few questions and had polls up on my stories the last 24 hours. Blown away by all the engagement and interest shown. I didn’t want this information to go to waste, so that’s why I decided to create something special.

Today I sat at my laptop and took all the feedback from the surveys and created some graphs to share with you all. It took a while but now that I’m sitting here with my glass of wine writing this blog post, I have a feeling it was all worth it.

The questions I asked,

Are you currently breastfeeding?

No – 53.2%. Yes – 46.8%

Did you get support from family and friends?

No – 27.7%. Yes – 72.3%

Did you find it hard to breastfeed in the beginning?

No – 25%. Yes – 75%

Next up you can take a look at the graph which shows you the quantity of people.

As you can see 59 people who participated in the survey are currently breastfeeding while 67 are not.

81 have received support from family and friends while 31 felt like they did not get the encouragement or support from the closest around them.

90 mothers found breastfeeding hard at the beginning while 30 had an enjoyable easy experience.

Next I asked some questions to get a more personal opinion to try figure out what we could do to help new breastfeeding mothers in Ireland.

What was your biggest challenge?

Above I used an application to gather the most frequently used words out of the answers I received. The top 5 challenges are:

1. Tongue tie

2. Latch

3. Breastfeeding in public

4. Lack of support from hospital with no lactation consultant, lack of support from family and friends.

5. Lack of sleep

A few great Instagram replys I would like to share.

What influenced you to breastfeed?

1. Wanted what’s best for baby

2. Research and knowing the benefits

3. Mothers and friends

4. Personal choice

5. Failed the first time, determination.

Here are a few of my favourite answers, see if you can spot your one.

Thank you for reading my newest blog post and hope you enjoyed reading it. If you ever need someone to talk to about breastfeeding please send me a message, I’m always here to help.

I would love your feedback on this post and maybe there is something you would like me to cover specifically, just get in touch.

Laura xoxo

One thought on “Breastfeeding stats Ireland 2018

  1. Loved this laura,I found having support really helped me get through it. I really wanted to give up and my friend told me to hold out and here I am. People can make u doubt yourself definitely

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