Pre school jitters for mamas not kids!

Here I was working myself up the last few weeks as the school year started getting closer. Was I prepared? Somewhat yes, we had a bag, a lunch box and comfy clothes to wear. They were the least of my worries.

My little girl Ava who just turned 3 on the 19th August is officially a big girl now as she had her very first day at pre school. She surprised me, strolled into school with excitement and happiness written all over her face. She hung her coat and bag up and headed straight into play… I waited a minute or two and she didn’t even look at me. From that moment I had a very good feeling that all was going to go well. Giving her the biggest hug without embarrassing her in front of her class mates, she didn’t seem to mind. Ivan gave her a kiss and she said “goodbye, see you later”. We walked away, as much as it hurt me inside, feeling emotional and can’t believe my baby is all grown up. Even though its an Irish pre school, I’m not too worried about that as I know she will come on so much and in time we should all get used to it. She made me so proud, that feeling and moment I will never get back… Again its just fear of the unknown that builds up over time with me and I start to worry about the little things. Now I can just relax and start getting into a routine again.

During the night Ava woke up screaming, crying in pain. She had a touch of a runny nose so I got calpol to take away any pain she was in. This morning she was complaining her ear was sore, it’s very red and she didn’t even look at her breakfast. So day 2 of pre school looks like she will be staying home. As much as I would hate her to miss it, seeing her sick like this breaks my heart. Eventually I knew she would pick up a few illnesses here and there as she’s mixing with other kids but didn’t think it would happen as soon as.

So it looks like we will be off to the doctor today. Lots of extra cuddles and cartoons, hoping she will eat something soon. Let’s hope this is a fast recovery and Ava gets back to herself in no time and get back to school.

Laura xoxo

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