To every judgemental sod!

What’s frustrating about motherhood is everyone seems to be experts. You get judged daily on how you raise your children and for a new mother it can very overwhelming and unbearable. You can say people are just looking out for you and want the best, that said be very careful what you say and when you say it.

1. When are you going back to work? Hold on their Susan I’ve just popped a baby out of me. I don’t want to be thinking about that right now.

2. You should get out of the house more, it will be good for you. Don’t you think the mother knows that, she has been up all night with the baby, then gets up, gets the kids ready. By the time she’s about to go out the door, something always happens. It ain’t easy.

3. You should send her to creche or playschool, she will come on loads. Jaysus never thought of that either Susan!

4. When are you stopping breastfeeding? I think it’s time! Glad to know you are so encouraging about stopping but wasn’t so supportive about starting.

5. Your child needs to be potty trained before they go to creche. Your child won’t be able to go. Susan she’s 2 not 6!

6. You have to think of your kids first! What have I been doing the last few years so?

7. Is your partner baby-sitting the kids tonight? Like I babysit during the day! No Susan he’s spending time with his kids.

8. You really should look after yourself… Yes I know I’m trying to find the time yano.

9. You should give him a bottle, he will sleep through the night. Every baby is different, a bottle ain’t going to change that.

10. You should get out and meet other mothers… No I’m fine with my Instagram mum tribe.

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