9 Ways To Stop The House Becoming A Cesspit When You’ve Kids

Do you feel like it’s a constant battle between filling up the dishwasher and putting away every last toy that your kids have somehow managed to get stuck down the back of the radiator again and finding figurines of Peppa and George in the washing machine?

If you feel like this, we could be friends, actually like best friends.

Without fail, as a stay at home mam, it’s my job to make sure the house is spick and span. Well I want to, not really want to. I’m sure there are far better things to do instead, but it makes me feel more comfortable knowing there is a wash on, floor is clean and the windows have no longer little peoples hand-prints and yogurt stains all over them!

Want me to share a secret with you? In the past, it was no way like this before the kids came along. Pure laziness; when going to the toilet alone was taken for granted. Hoarding was clearly passed down through my mams side of the family, we all got I think. At one stage, I remember taking over my sister’s room as my bedroom was in such a mess. Oh goodness reflecting back I was a disgrace and that clearly is not the same person I am today.

I get asked a lot on how I balance keeping the house so clean and making time for my kids. Sometimes making a check list of what needs to be done or just going with the flow depending on my mood is the only way. So here’s a few tips and ways I try to keep on top of everything.

  • Organisation is the key to a clean house. Get that list checked…

  • Storage boxes are my ultimate favourite right now. Hides all that clutter and gives you so much more space.

  • While the kids have their breakfast, stick on a wash and wipe down that kitchen counter.

  • Clean as you go, as my granny always said and it works like a charm.

  • I usually mop the floor once or twice a week if I’m lucky, but always wait until kids are having their nap or they are sleeping. Believe me it’s less hassle and actually can be therapeutic.

  • Get the kids involved too when sweeping or vacuuming. My kids both have their own cleaning toys and they get so much joy out of it. It’s a win-win!

  • They both know at this stage, that when it’s time to get ready for bed it’s also time to clean up their toys and the mess they made. This has saved so much time even if I have to repeat myself over and over again.

  • If you feel like you can’t get anything done, get that travel cot out and put their favourite toys in it. That will keep them safe and entertained until your finished cleaning.

  • If you are struggling to be motivated to clean, turn on your favourite music/ radio station /podcast and light a few candles to give you some peace and enlightenment.

You are not superwoman so don’t be so hard on yourself when things don’t get done.

The kids are your priority and if you feel like it’s all too much, just get out of the house. We went for dinner yesterday and it was so nice to come home to a clean house and no washing up to do.

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The M word, 9 Ways to stop the house becoming a cesspit

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