Night weaning my toddler!

Breastfeeding my son up to 21 months was never a goal or expectation of mine. It was a wonderful journey with a rocky start but look how far we got without any concrete plan. Their were days where I was reluctant to stop, the bad days from biting to Ivan constantly waking me up every few hours. The kicks in the stomach, hands grabbing to reach any bit of skin. I’m sure it will be missed (not so much right now). Then you have that perfect moment when he just falls asleep and mammys job is accomplished. It makes it all worthwhile.

Fast forward to one week later with no Boobie milk, Ivan wasn’t impressed. The reason behind the sudden stop was down to a kidney infection and how I felt about my self care. I had go to the doctor and take antibiotics and explained to Ivan that the doctor took all my milk. Stuck plasters on my nipples and completely hid them away from Ivan’s skeptical eyes. The nerves kicked in, I did not have much fate in the plaster trick but it worked like a charm. Every night, at the same time we would usually have milk, I would just explain again that it’s all gone and remind him of the doctor. (I’m pretty sure he’s going to have a problem with her from now on).

As for myself, I’m feeling good about it all. Cabbage in the bra was a new one for me and definitely relieved some of the pain Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet but was always so worried about weaning and I’m glad it’s all over now. He hasn’t looked for it the last two nights at all and his sleep is better than ever.

I loved breastfeeding and I will have a diary of the weaning process up on the blog this week. Thanks for reading this short post and hope your breastfeeding journey goes well and ends well when the time is right.

Laura xoxo

2 thoughts on “Night weaning my toddler!

  1. We’re currently at the 15 month mark with no sign of stopping. The plan is to let our daughter self wean, but we’ll see how it goes. It must be weird not actually feeding now after doing it for so long!

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    1. Oh congratulations! Glad it’s all going well. It’s extremely weird especially at night I still get the sensation of feeding 🤔 the routine has completely changed and I’m getting more sleep 😉 x


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