Introducing the Babyboobieblogger

Hi guys,

I thought I would share an introduction to all my new followers. The support and love you mamas and dad’s have given is forever grateful.

My name is Laura Ryan. Fiancée to Pedro. Currently living in County Cork after moving here a year ago. Mother of two, Ava (2) and Ivan (21m) I set up the Babyboobieblogger nearly 3years ago when maternity leave was feeling very lonely . The blog focuses on breastfeeding as I was struggling and went through an amazing experience nursing my little girl Ava and now still breastfeeding my son Ivan. I wanted to share my blog posts, videos and pictures to show other young women how to breastfeed, support them and encourage to normalise breastfeeding. The blog is my favourite place to share personal stories, breastfeeding tips and information.

Becoming a mother has changed me completely and having an online community that supports and encourages other parents, I’m all for it.

I’m also human and a woman so I do like to do other things as well. I love cooking and baking (to a certain extent) as I’m still learning all the time but love when it turns out better than I expect.

Gardening, like who ever thought it would be relaxing and full of accomplishments. This year is our first year giving it a good go and we now officially have green fingers! (will have a blog post up soon)

Dancing, yes I still dance in my kitchen! It’s my excuse to exercise and not do the hard stuff… It’s definitely what has kept me fit and still feeling like I haven’t lost it, just yet.

Driving, this is a skill not many people seem to have. It’s like I have been gifted with the confidence to take on any car, any road! I’m so nervous when I’m in the car with other people though and I’ve inherited a trait to annoy people when driving and telling them to watch the kerb. Just like my mammy!

I like to sing in the shower, don’t you?

I’m breastfeeding nearly 3 years in August and I’ve just realised I deserve a holiday by myself after all of this.

I have a list of things I am going to do when both my children start going to school and I have a funny feeling its not going to happen. So I should just try do it now.

Thanks for reading a little bit about me and following my blog. Laura xxx

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