Bickiepegs Reviewed and Tested

The guys from Bickiepegs sent us over 3 different products to review and we have done just that.

First up is the Doidy Cup, sounds cute right? Designed and made on the UK, the slant in the cup helps with baby having to move his head up and down. As my partner is an engineer I’ve been working on my skill set to look outside the box and use a different approach to certain products. My son Ivan was very unpatient about using a cup like his big sister but would get frustrated when he just couldn’t and absolutely drenched himself along with the floor. I honestly didn’t know what to think when I received it. The shape was hugely different and something I hadn’t come across before. It was designed that way to help your baby learn to drink from a cup using the same mouth movements as breastfeeding . The mistake I made first was putting too much water as it overflowed when he picked it up. I learned and so did Ivan.

Before you know it he’s picking up the cup himself and drinking away without needing my assistance. Not a drop spilled and he was so happy he could do it all by himself like a big boy. This has helped us move onto his big sisters cups with no handles or no design to affiliate it, within a few weeks.

I was very happy with it as it genuinely helped our situation and helped with the development of drinking independently. Here is the link to purchase your very own doidy Cup which comes in a variety of colours.

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