Spa days are my new thing

So I never thought that this would be a big deal but it is. I went to visit my family at the weekend to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday and what a weekend it was.

I felt so good, woke up and decided I would get my hair done in a local hairdressers. Two hours I spent in there just to get a cut wash and blow dry. Sure I could have got my highlights done in that time. Anyway when she finished I was a bit disappointed with the style and left feeling a bit rough. Honestly I hated it. I got in the car and my partner asked me “what happened your hair”? At that stage I just wanted to go home and fix it. I did and was feeling good again.

The surprise dinner for my dad’s 60th was brilliant. We had a table booked in fifty50 in Ashbourne, Co. Meath. I can’t fault them, even though they were busy, staff were attentive and food was lovely. They also did a great job singing happy birthday and embarrassing my dad. He had no idea that all his brothers and sisters were going to be there too and also our wonderful nanny who is the sweetest woman in the world. I was so happy for him when he walked in and seen us all patiently waiting for his arrival. He really enjoyed himself and what a memorable night.

The next day (Sunday) my beautiful mother, sisters and I had treatments booked in the seoid spa in Dunboyne Castle Hotel. We headed over 2 two hours before our appointment so we could make use of the swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. There is also a relaxation room with water and fruit. I didn’t enjoy the beach experience but the mud chamber was pretty good. I wouldn’t think its very relaxing as you put the mud on yourself so that was an exercise in itself. We had the best time ever and my face never stopped smiling. I felt amazing and for once I didn’t care what people were thinking. Something came over me, I got my confidence back. I don’t know whether it was getting into a swimsuit after having two babies and feeling good. Or maybe it was having a free baby day, spending it with people who are so important to me in a place that was so relaxing. I really enjoyed myself and I’ve decided I’m booking a girls trip every six months. You might think twice a year, is that it? But being a Mother to two toddlers, I will be lucky if it even happens. Slowly but surely I’m making more time for me and I think that’s so important because that can help your mind, decisions and how you are as a person.

I mentioned before on a recent blog post about just taking a walk and I got so many messages thanking me for reminding them to get outside and get fresh air. It sometimes can just be the little things.

What things do you like doing to make yourself feel good? Is it a bath? A drive to the shops ( without babies of course!) Comment below, would love to hear them.

So to finish this blog post we arrived back to Cork cork last night (Sunday) and woke up to the place covered in snow. It was amazing and we had a great day. Now time to get ready for bed. Thanks for reading my post, if you like it please subscribe and you can follow me @babyboobieblogger.

Hope you have a great week.

Goodnight and sweet dreams,

Laura xoxo

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