D.I.Y Counter Top

I’ve been waiting so long now to make our rented house look a little bit more glamorous shall we say. I will be sharing a few ways I have shaped up some shabby pieces.

The first one which I’m so happy about is the kitchen counter top.

Dark and dull with white cracks was never going to be welcoming to anyone. I tried putting flowers and bright ornaments to make it look a bit fresh but all was to fail.

This was when I decided to just go ahead and try the faux marble self adhesive on my counter tops which I bought from Amazon for less then 20 euro.

I’m very happy with them and it certainly does the job. Got my partner to help me so if we mess up it’s all on him. Joking aside though he did a fantastic job and we worked as a team, even Ava and Ivan helped too.

Let me know what you think? Should I have gone for something different? I’m a little bit obsessed with it though, so until next time I will sit here with a cuppa and enjoy.


Laura xoxo

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