2018 is here

Every year I set myself a list of goals to complete. Last year I managed to tick all the box’s and I’m so excited about this year.

I write them down in a diary or a piece of paper and hide them away till the end of the year. I’m always so surprised and it helps me appreciate and be grateful of how much I grew in that one year.

Here is a sneek peak of my list for 2018 goals

  • Start planning our Wedding for 2020
  • To travel more especially in and around Ireland.
  • To see my friends more and to throw some awesome parties.
  • To partner up with my good friend and start our own business.
  • To celebrate every day as an accomplishment and love deeply.
  • Buy a new car (a girls gotta dream)
  • Go on our first family holiday abroad to Italy or Spain.
  • My blog to help others or inspire mamas.

Hope you all have a wonderful New year and may you tick them box’s off.

Will leave you a few of my favourite photos my sister took @ohclarebear.

Laura xoxo

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