Breastfeeding presents for Christmas

I’m sharing my list of gifts for breastfeeding mothers. If someone went out of their way and really thought about a special gift for me as a breastfeeding mam at Christmas, I would definitely be impressed. Let’s round up a few of my favourites.

  • Nursing Cover

Okay so not everyone likes to cover up but some can feel a bit anxious breastfeeding in public or around family and friends. This is the perfect present, well as long as they don’t take it thew wrongway! Muslin squares are even a great alternative.

Nursing scarf from Jojo maman bebe

  • Nursing pyjamas

Perfect for every mama and I’m sure she will appreciate new pjs around Christmas time.

Nursing pyjamas from

  • Breastfeeding pillow

Again not everyone likes certain strategies to help breastfeeding but I would  highly recommend this as it can always be used. Whether your pregnant, feeding, need a cuddle buddy or use it to sit baby up, it can be used in so many forms I’m sure it will be a gift that is appreciated.

Nursing pillow from

  • Breastfeeding pins

Just came across these not to long ago and I’m in serious need to get my hands on them. How cute are they!

Milk making mama pins

  • Washable organic nursing pads

Every breastfeeding mama needs breast pads and this would make such a nice gift which will definitely be not left under the Christmas tree.

Nursing pads from Fluffy

  • Nursing top/jumper

So many stores have comfortable and stylish nursing clothes out now. Absolutely loving the range from shops like New look and H&M.

Nursing jumper from H&M

  • Breastfeeding milestone cards

I love this idea and how personal it is. I’m sure every mama would be so happy to receive these cute milestone and affirmation cards.

Milk making mama breastfeeding milestone cards

  • Diary or notebook and pen

Simple yet so significant. I’ve even seen some fancy ones in the likes of dealz and primark.

Dealz tropical notepad 1.50

  • A personal keepsake

A personalized mug for them cold cups of coffee, a charm for her pandora bracelet or simply a print in a frame. We can literally personalise anything these days.

Personalised Mug from just a

  • Breastfeeding jewellery

Did you even know there was such a thing? Beyond the willow tree have the most professionally preserved breast milk jewellery.

Adjustable sterling silver from Beyond the willow tree

Hope you enjoyed my top picks and find the perfect Christmas present this year.

Laura xoxo

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