Top tips on long journeys in the car with babies.

Lately we have been driving a lot and found myself getting used to these long journeys with a 2yr and 1yr old. So I thought I would share my top tips on how to survive and not have to pull over if unnecessary.

Long journey

  1. Pack lots of snacks like I mean shove them anywhere you can. In your handbag would be the handiest. You just never know when babies can get hangry. (Hungry+Angry)
  2. Try work through your babies routine. For instance if they usually go down for a nap around 12, why not start your journey then. So when they wake you could stop for something to eat. It works for me because then they’re tummies are so full they fall back to sleep (sometimes).
  3. Make sure you have mobile data, not for you but for the babies to watch Peppa pig or anything that will keep them quiet for a while. I usually set up my tablet where they can both see so I still get to use my phone. Unless I am driving of course.
  4. Dress them in light, breathable material. They can get sweaty and uncomfortable, we do not want that.
  5. Their favorite toys are a great distraction even if its only for five minutes…
  6. Music, this is mostly mama bear playing some old skool tracks and singing like a contestant on the X Factor. Throwing in Old Mac Donald and twinkle twinkle with a freestyle rap. You need to have a bit of craic in the car.
  7. Nappies, leave that til last before you even leave the house so you can get as long out of them as possible. Unless they both poo and your back to square one. Or you can just be like me and try changing them in the front seat of the car in Aldi carpark. Have extra nappies just in case.
  8. Try be as organized as you can be, this will make the journey so much smoother and your plan will be a success. Have everything you need in a reachable position. Except when the babies lose their soothers and you break the law and take off your seat belt to go look for them. (only the passenger should do this)
  9. Take rests or swap drivers to give each other a break. Which I still don`t know which is worse, driving or attending to the little ones.
  10. Last but not least, take the journey, enjoy the adventure , make the memories no matter how many times the babies cry. 

Laura xoxox

Long journeys

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