9 months out

How are we here already? I feel like I haven’t been a mam for that long. Today we are celebrating my baby boys 9th month out of my belly, really though where has the time gone.

This year has been super busy and so many changes happening

All good though, I can’t complain. Moving out of my parents house was a huge step as I’ve never lived alone with my family now of four. To be honest it’s going pretty well, seven months in, two houses later which are still standing (bare in mind the pan nearly went on fire last night ).

Couldn’t be any happier living in our new home here in County Cork and the adventures and fun we have had the past few months are insane. So glad we took this chance of starting a new life somewhere, a change, the excitement of the unknown, a whole new scenery and even language for that matter. I live in a ghaeltacht area where they speak Irish, yes Irish! I’m Irish and I can speak Irish. Conas ata tu? Pog ma hoan! Slan! Okay I just realized I know feck all Irish which is sad really but I can sing the national anthem really well. The people are really nice and friendly with such a great community. I’m lucky to be living in such a beautiful place.

So to get back to why I started this blog post, Ivan is officially 9 months old. How crazy is that? I feel like I just can’t keep up and that my family and Pedro’s family are missing out. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now but just afraid to do it but today is the day when I start my first vlog video. I want to do this so I don’t forget any memories or moments and even more so for my two children to be able to look back at these videos when they are older. My most cherished memories from childhood are definitely ones I remember from them home videos my dad used to make. They are seriously the best to watch and to keep forever. I remember my little brother who is not so little anymore ,cry his eyes out watching himself. Think he didn’t want to grow up or he was just so upset that there was a person on the tv who looked just like him. I need to do this for them. Having an Instagram page is brilliant for picture memories and stories throughout the day but videos you put together yourself is something special.

Never too late to start changing, I may not be very good at it but I’m sure I will improve in time like anything else I put my mind too. I love being a Mother,it’s a gift that is life-changing and worthwhile being so tired for. Lately I just feel like I’ve really grown as a mam and I’m being positive in all that I do (even with the non-eat dinners, the cleaning and balancing everything at once. It can get stressful and have bad days of course, in the end my family are happy, healthy and we have a roof over our heads. There is nothing more important than love and I tell them everyday.

I’m still breastfeeding and I don’t think we will be stopping anytime soon, he loves the boob! I was combination feeding with Ava at this stage as I had returned to work. Grateful that I am now able to stay at home and not leave them both, we co-sleep too which I think alot of people have a problem with. That’s up on my next blog post so comment below what you think or how did you stop co-sleeping with your little ones! What age were they ? Are you still breastfeeding? I want to know!

Laura xoxo

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