Why am I christening my child?

I’m sure some of you have asked yourself this. Why did you baptize your daughter or son? Was it for the love of God, the party, the presents ? Was it simply just a welcoming your baby into the world sort of thing. We’re you pressured into doing this because of ‘tradition’? Let me fill you in on my side. 

I never thought of a christening for my children simply because their father and I are not holy. We don’t practice a relgion and are non church goers. Besides going to a funeral or wedding of course. It basically comes down to tradition for me. Our parents and their parents and so on have practiced there religion and it would be sacred to miss mass on a Sunday. Probably looked down upon and not respected. Well things have changed since then I’m afraid to say. 

Let’s go back to when Ava was born which was about 19 months ago. Family and friends would ask when is the christening? Or sure we will see you at the christening. Presumably I was having a party for my daughter that I didn’t even know about. I think 4 months had passed and my mam started nagging at me about when I was getting Ava christened. When I would respond and say “that’s not happening, she’s not getting christened” , believe me it turned into an argument. I was always so against it, couldn’t see the point. No one ever gave me a good enough reason to change my mind. Of course you always here the same ones “she won’t get into school, she will feel left out, its something for her,  she won’t have a religion or belief. 

So here I am today with a son who is 5 months and my mam still won’t let it go. So just to please her and everyone else that cares about my children’s religion I will be getting them christened. 

I’ve giving up my fight and I’m sorry to all the other Mothers and Fathers I’ve let down by giving in. I want the people around me to be happy so if this helps I will do it. 

Now that I am writing this I feel like changing my mind again. Anyone feel like this? Why did you baptize your child?

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