2016 Highlights

My 2016 started off very emotional with the passing of my grandmother in March. What got me through it was knowing how much she loved her great granddaughter Ava and all them wise words she told me. I held them with me this year and will carry them in to 2017. 

These are my highlights

  1. Finding out I was pregnant at the start of March when my little girl was only 7 months. Shocked at first but soon got over that and excitement kicked in for Ava to be a big sister. Our family was growing. 
  2. Going back to work after being on maternity leave for over 6 months. Was great to have a sense of independence and get to see all my friends again. I think I started to just speak baby talk. 
  3. Getting engaged in July was a big one. Definitely was a huge surprise and the best. I was so overwhelmed. I will be marrying my best friend in the future. 
  4. Celebrating my little girls first birthday. The emotions I felt that day are indescribable. How fast a year goes, time is so precious. Watching her grow and develop has made my life have a different meaning. 
  5. Ava walking for the first time, probably one of the happiest moments of my year and life. To see her face shining as she took her steps on her own from mammy to daddy, the tears could not be controlled. Now just a few months later she’s chasing after the dogs and running away from mammy when she needs her nappy changed. 
  6. Having my partner by my side and getting to spend some quality time with him as much as I could. He works away from home so would only see him at the weekend. Them weekends always did go by too fast. When he was here , I always got a nice cooked meal and a little bit more of a sleep. The little things. 
  7. Giving birth to our son on the 25th of October couldn’t have went any smoother ( until the pushing part. ) He was so small 5 pounds 15 ounces. His name is Ivan and he is so precious and will be exactly two months on Christmas day. 
  8. Having my brother home for Christmas is another big highlight. He went to Arizona in America to study and play football. He’s only 18 and the youngest of the family. He was so happy to see Ava (as she walks and chitter chatters) He also got to meet his first nephew which brought a tear to my eye. Family is everything and blessed I have mine all here for Christmas. 
  9. This blog has meant a lot to me, especially now as its been a year since I started and its been amazing. It’s all for my babies so when they grow up they will have something to look back on. Like a virtual memory book. Pictures and videos capture moments you may never get back but can hold onto for. Lifetime. Reaching over 1000 followers on Facebook and updating my new website has been a whirlwind and I can feel 2017 being even more awesome and truly wonderful than ever. 
  10. So raise a glass to a magnificent year , from all the ups and downs, the joy and pain , the back and forths. We have made it to the end and start a new beginning. Thank you to you all who have made it positively fantastic. See you in the new year !! 

Merry Christmas and happy New year from the DaSilvas xoxox 

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