Breast pump review 

Breastfeeding a new born can be hard work so to give myself a little help, I use a breast pump. I have both the electronic and manual Tommee Tippee breast pumps which I find very useful.

Manual Pump –

I find this so easy to use and clean. Its very practical and you have full control on how to handle it. It’s very affordable and affective. Prefer to use this as its compact and light. 

Electronic pump-

More expensive than the manual for the simple reason it’s electric and you don’t have to pump yourself. Very useful to help stimulate nipples and produce more milk flow.  Also easy to use and clean. Compared to the manual, the electronic is very noisy and does not have a very good suction cup. I always use a muslin cloth underneath in case of spillage. 

I would definitely recommend to try Breastfeeding before you go out and buy these products. I know a lot of mothers who purchased these items and then ended up not breastfeeding at all. 

Next blog post I will be doing a quick review on nipple shields and bottles that suit breastfed babies. 

Laura xoxox 

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