Flu Vaccination 

Today I received the Flu Vaccination for the first time after been told by my midwife to get it done as I am at higher risk because of my pregnancy. 

It was a quick and simple procedure by my local nurse who fit me in straight away after calling this morning. 

I also received a letter from my hospital stating that I am aneamic and I will need to take Galfer which is an iron supplement. I wasn’t feeling the best today and I’m so glad I got both sorted. Luckily enough for me galfer comes also in liquid form as I can’t swallow tablets. Doesnt taste the nicest but lets hope it does the job. 

Above all this, I completely forgot about my hospital appointment with the midwife today. My due date is just over a week and with so much going on I was shocked that I had not remembered. This never happened me before. These days are going by too fast and we can’t wait to meet our new arrival. 

I would definitely recommend every pregnant woman to get the Flu vaccine. No one wants to be sick when there pregnant, it’s hard enough as it is. Will keep you updated as best I can.

Love Laura xoxox 

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