6 weeks left 

Where has the time gone. I’m officially 34 weeks pregnant today with baby number two. 

Looking back, I remember getting such a shock and wondering how was I going to manage my pregnancy, baby , work and social life. Not that I have a great social life anymore, I still managed to fit it all in. I guess I just did and I’m not the only one in this world who got pregnant soon after giving birth. 

Pregnancy seemed a lot easier this time round as I was kept so occupied with Ava. I wasn’t counting every minute, taking naps during the day and reading every forum and pregnancy website known to woman. I am way more tired this time which is completely understandable. The restless nights came back to haunt me this week, reminded me of how hard and anxious the last few weeks can be. Less worried though (it’s amazing). Feeling like I’m superwoman and I can do anything at this stage. 

The nerves have started to hit me about labour, the weird dreams at night are starting to freak me out. I was so innocent with Ava no matter how many mammies warned me about how hard labour was or talking about their own personal experiences. I look back and think it wasn’t so bad, but then again I was high of gas and air and don’t really remember the hard parts. I suppose that’s the joy of having a baby, you forget about it all once they are put in your arms. 

That’s what my partner is there for, to remind me how strong I can be, to support me with encouraging words and back rubs. I know he was absolutely outstanding during the whole process from previous pregnancy to labour and I couldn’t have got through it without him. I’m a very lucky lady and I love him even more now that he is an incredible father to our beautiful daughter. So in a sense I’m not really worried about it too much as long as he is there beside me. 
Let’s hope the next few weeks go by smoothly and we wait for our precious arrival at the end of October

Laura xoxox

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