On our Way

On our way back to Cork city from Kilarney, we made a stop at my Aunty and cousins house. 

They live in a beautiful village called Kilmurray just outside of Macroom. Was so happy to see my Aunty Catherine, Uncle Noel and my cousin Aine. I was even more excited to see Aines beautiful son Luke and for Ava to meet him for the first time. 

At the start they were both very shy. Soon enough they were playing together and Ava was having a wonderful time. 


Meeting for the first time

It was a beautiful sunny day, we had tea with salmon and brown bread. It was delicious. There was different cakes and Ava even got her favourite fruits with ice-cream. She was having the best time ever. Was lovely to sit and chat with my auntie and cousin for a while, was so good to catch up. 

We went for a walk around the back garden , up these little steps and the view of the mountains and fields is just breath taking. Ava and Luke played for another while before we headed off to our next destination. 

I truly enjoyed our short visit and wish I stayed longer. The day went by so fast and Ava was absolutely exhausted from all the fun. 

Next stop Cork city where I booked a hotel for us for the night. We deserved it! Updates to follow. 

Laura xoxo

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