First part of our journey

That weekend went by pretty fast and I need to fill you all in on my adventure. We headed to Cork for a few days and I have to admit it was pretty amazing. 

We rented a car to make it even better and it took us a lot longer to get there than we planned because of traffic. Ava was an absolute dream in the car , I really didn’t think she would last but she is full of surprises. 

We stayed in the Abbey Hotel in a small town called Ballyvourney. It was late when we got there so Ava and I went straight to bed while Daddy was doing the last preparations for his job interview in the morning.

Breakfast was so nice and quiet. The area was so peaceful and staff were friendly. Ava and I went back to bed while Daddy headed off for his interview. She didn’t sleep for long so we got dressed and played with her toys. 

Sure enough daddy came back with a smile on his face two hours later. He was happy with how the interview went.It was a nice relief to have it out of the way so we could enjoy the rest of our trip. We packed our bags and headed off to our next destination. We decided to go for a drive to Kilarney and get a bite to eat. The sun was shining and Ava fell asleep straight away in the car. 

It was Pedro’s first time visiting Kilarney so was nice to walk around the town and see a few places. We were very lucky with the weather but didn’t stay for too long. 

Will update you on what we did next on our little family holiday. 

Laura xoxo 

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