That Newborn Feeling

Remember that first night at home with your new born and everything just changed in a blink of an eye. Reflecting back becoming a first time mother a year ago and how scared I was. 

A lot has changed, I’m way more tired now than I’ve ever been but it’s worth it. I used to think, I would not be able to become the woman and mother I am today. Why? I have no idea. Nerves got the better of me I suppose and weird pregnancy dreams started to become a daily accurance as the due date approached. 

Do you remember the nights where you couldn’t sleep because you would listen to your baby breathing and have a mini panic attack when you think something was wrong. You could spend hours on end just staring at that beautiful creation you have brought into this world and reassure yourself that it is most definitely your baby. Then when you would eventually go asleep or just close your eyes it’s already time for some milk. The nappy changes were just the best, who doesn’t love getting peed on at 3 in the morning. (Dont get me started on the number two’s) It was a never ending cycle of supermammy. 

I remember asking my cousin at the time, does it get easier? Her reply was simple. 

No, it gets much harder. Enjoy it while you can.

In a sense I thought to myself how will I cope if it gets harder. Guess what, you just do. Its a natural reaction, you learn as you go. As long as the love is there , you are capable of so much more than you could ever imagine. This beautiful baby depends on you, put your worries to the side, be strong and brave. 

You have made it this far so you can only continue to improve and enjoy your time with your son or daughter. Believe me time really does pass by too fast. Count your blessings,be grateful and most importantly live your life how you desire. 

If mammys happy, then so is baby ❤ 

Laura xoxox

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