Parent and Child parking

This really and truly boils my blood. I just don’t understand the ignorance of some people. It was put there for a simple reason for parents with children, especially young children in car seats. The space is designed to give enough room for buggies, not for your trolley of alcohol for your lazy ass who couldn’t park two spaces away. 

They have no shame either, even when I’m struggling to get my daughter out of a tight space on the other side of the car park. I give them a dirty look and hope karma will catch up on them one day.

Before I even had children, It wouldn’t even cross my mind to take up a parking space like that. What happened to people being sincere and human? It’s 2016 and sometimes I feel like the world is getting more and more selfish. There are only a handful of positive, beautiful people you will come across in your life. Be sure to be grateful and count yourself lucky. 

I never heard of anyone getting fined for this either which is sad. Next time I see it happening ,I will be sure to address the situation and just give them a gentle reminder of why it is a parent and child parking space. Might just shame them too if they have really p###ed me off!! 

Anyone have any issues with this and feel strongly about it like I do? 

Laura x

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