Breastfeeding newborn to six months

Ava and I have just reached a milestone by exclusively breastfeeding for a whole six months.

It was tough at the start but never did I imagine we would get this far. It was a little easier than expected from all the backlash of breastfeeding. I was questioned a lot about how long I was going to breastfeed for and set my goal for at least three months. Sure enough that went by pretty quickly and here I am three months later, still feeding naturally.

I am not producing much, as my milk supply has decreased as shes not feeding long enough or often. Sometimes only from 5-10 minutes, a big difference from when she was a newborn. I found myself feeding for at least 20-30 minutes, even stretched to 40 if she was really hungry. You literally feel like that`s all you do, sometimes forgetting to cover the boob. She has started solids now so I feel like breastfeeding isn’t as time consuming. I can still feel that sensation when the milk supply fills up again and secretly dreading the moment when I stop altogether. Apparently going to be in a lot of pain and my breasts will be so sensitive just like after I gave birth.

The best thing for me about breastfeeding is knowing they benefit from less illness and infections. Feeding on demand can help a lot especially when your baby is going through emotional changes. I find it so comforting and soothing for baby Ava. Especially when she starts to get cranky before sleeps. I feed her, pop the soother in when shes finished and shes gone like a light before I clip my bra back in place. This is definitely miracle milk. I enjoy having a bath with her, its really comforting for baby and mother. She tends to get hungry really quickly, as we all do after we go for a swim. The best way for me is soaking in a bath while being able to feed my baby. Unbelievably relaxing an calming for baby. Could you imagine getting fed pizza and wine in a bath? Well that is what it must feel like for her and someone to cuddle up to also. Lovely feeling for me as a mother knowing I can provide for her anytime or anywhere (literally).

breastfeeding bath 2breastfeeding bath 1


I don`t believe in extended breastfeeding. If you want to continue , only you know the answer. Your boobs, your rules! If you and baby are enjoying it and noting is stopping you, well then keep going until the time is right.

As we already know, Ireland has the lowest rate of breastfeeding in the world. Breastfed babies up to six months or after drops to 6 percent. I would love to know what age group is most popular for breastfeeding. I am 26 now and very interested to see is there anyone else in Ireland my age still breastfeeding. If you or any of your friends know anyone please get them to contact me.

“Keep calm and keep breastfeeding”

Night all, Love Laura xoxo

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