Every Mother needs a night to herself

That`s right every mother needs a night to herself. From having a long hot bath and a good nights sleep to getting all dolled up to meet with friends. We do need a social life as its been lost in day to day overload of changing nappies, feeding, baby talk and well all about babies.

I didn’t realize getting out of the house for an hour or two could make such a difference to my soul. Since my beautiful baby girl was born exactly five months ago yesterday, I have left her side twice. Yes only twice! For every mother I am sure its the exact same feeling, whether its your first or your last baby. The fear of leaving them, even if its with someone you know really well and trust. The worrying and knowing if they wake up,only you can get them back to sleep.

Last night I decided to head along to a work party only fifteen minutes drive from my home. My sister reassured me she would take care of Little Ava and advised me to go meet my friends,as it would make me feel a lot better. The excitement of getting dressed up and revamped was overwhelming. Okay,so it took me a lot longer to get ready then before I had Ava, in between changing nappies, feeding and keeping her entertained. It was only when my hair and makeup was finished, I took a glance in the mirror and became aware, all this work was for an hour or two. Don`t get me wrong, I looked fabulous, been a long time since I felt this good.

Just before I left , I fed Ava (breastfeeding and was not bothered to pump as I was not going to be gone for long.) Surely enough she fell asleep straight after and I felt comfortable in leaving , hoping she would sleep for the night. So I jumped into the car and made my way. Couldn’t believe it was nearly eleven o`clock already and I would be extremely fashionably late.

I for one was a little bit nervous seeing everyone again as I haven’t been working in nearly six months. Lots has changed with new faces to get to know and old faces I have truly missed. My smile was ear to ear since I walked in the door. Received a lovely welcome and was overcome by all the love and care. Especially all the compliments of baby Ava, which I
never get tired of hearing how beautiful she is and what a great job I am doing. Sure who would. All I can say is, it was so worth getting ready for and I felt a sense of enlightenment. By half one I was ready to come home.

Happily arrived home safe after been gone for two and a half hours which felt like all night. Oh how things are completely different, but wouldn’t change a thing. I truly enjoyed myself , getting dressed up and feeling glamorous. It has made me reflect on my life before I became a mother. Prior to that, in reality I didn’t have any worries. As my Mother always told me “wait until you have children, you will worry every day for the rest of your life.” She was most definitely correct in that.

So from now on I am taking one night a week to myself. Even if its an hour or two to relax, go for a nap, long hot bath, meet with friends and any interests other than baby. To all mothers you should do the same, its good for your insanity and emotions.

Lots of Love,

Laura xoxo12509144_10153302064782267_7487526771053417569_n(2)



Photo from last night, Credit –   http://ohclarebear.com/


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