Christmas Eve at our house

The excitement of Baby Ava’s first Christmas has officially begun. What a beautiful morning it is. Got woken up by baby bump and daddy playing which was a nice sight as he arrived home last night for Christmas. He gave Ava a little manicure and got her ready for the day. I lay out a lovely Santa dress for her to wear but unfortunately she decided to go for a nap before we could even see her wear it. She was exhausted from all daddy’s attention and playing time. Now as she lays in her basket beside me peacefully I can get started on wrapping the rest of the presents to put under the tree.

The house is very quiet at the moment as everyone has left to go do there last few bits and bobs. I`m pretty sure my brother is still asleep in bed. Probably just lying there flicking through his tablet. My dad is out in the garden as usual, man of leisure that fella. Pedro has gone to get his hair cut, it was starting to look like a fur ball which I think he actually liked. My mam and sister are gone to visit my Granny as she is back in hospital. Really a lousy time to be in there as I cant bring Ava in to visit. She always puts a smile on her face even when shes really sick. Here is a photo from last week when we got to go visit her in St. Mary`s hospital in the phoenix park.


I`m looking forward to putting on my Christmas jumper , finish wrapping the presents, do a bit of cleaning and go visit some family and friends. We will be dropping a few hampers with nappies and baby clothes to organisations for Families and children. We need to acknowledge that not everyone is as fortunate especially with everyone affected by the homeless crisis at the moment.

Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart. A wide open heart that thinks of others first. No one ever has become poor from giving.

I promise to take as many photos as possible this Christmas as it will be a memorable one at that. My sister Sinead is coming home too and I am way too excited to have her presence back.

Expecting tonight to be cheerful and lively as we all sit around the fire watching a Christmas movie or two with hot chocolate. Maybe even a cheeky glass of wine or my favorite, Baileys with ice. Reflecting back on the year we have all had and cherishing the time we get to spend together. Family is everything and I am blessed to have my own little family now with Pedro and my princess Ava also known as Baby Bump.

Have a wonderful Christmas, laughing and loving. Enjoy every minute wherever you may be. All it may take is a smile or a nice gesture to make someone happy.

Lots of Love Laura xoxo

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