Pregnancy and The Bump

“What a beautiful time” reflecting back on my pregnancy. I was very fortunate to have no complications and truly loved every minute. The sickness and sleepless nights were tough but knowing why you are going through all of it was worth the wait.

To tell my family the great news I waited until Christmas day. It was probably one of the best surprises they ever got. My nerves kicked in and I froze the moment I stepped foot into the room . My partner sat beside me, held my hand and gave me the courage to continue. I handed my parents a christmas card ending in Love Laura, Pedro and Amen. ” An inside joke, we always said we would call our first child Amen”. We waited for there reaction. “whats this mean?” my mam replied as she grinned. My face lit up, eyes teary and a smile I could not hide. “I`m pregnant, we are having a baby” I announce with excitement. Ive never seen them so happy. A moment that will never be forgotten.

After that I was eager to tell my brother and my two sisters. For some reason my brother who was 16 at the time, thought it was all a joke and started laughing. I had to try convince him that this was really happening and he responded “Wheres the bump?”. I continued on and knocked into my sister Sinead`s room and she also had the same reaction. “Why would I lie about something like this”? She still didnt believe me. This wasnt so exciting anymore , really thought there would be a different reaction to the big news. Last but not least my sister clare was lying in bed, I handed her the christmas card as what was the point in speaking if no one believes me. Her partner figured it out before her and had to hint. I never seen someone jump out of the bed so quickly. Approached me with arms wide open and a smile that could reach the stars. “Im so happy for you” she responds; with tears rolling down her face. She made me cry with joy as she squeezed me so tight. Another moment that will never be forgotten.

Fear is the brains way of saying that there is something important for you to overcome .

My Bump didnt start to show until four months ,so i got to keep it a surprize for all my friends and work colleagues. Additionally still fit into most of my jeans. I took pictures every month which I would definitely recommend to every mum to be. Time goes by so fast even though it seems slow at that point. I miss my bump in a way, its an incredible special fortune.

Dont be afraid to tell your family like I was. Fearing the worst is silly really, a baby brings so much delight to the whole family. Its supposed to be a joyful moment so embrace it. Somewhat its your destiny, be happy and positive that you are becoming a new Mother. Also love your bump, it will be gone before you know it.

Laura xoxo

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