When it all began

It really does only feel like yesterday when my life started to change. Realistically it was around this time last year my partner was offered a job up the north of Ireland, which he could not turn down. This meant packing his things. traveling back and forth until he found a place to live and get organised. Most organised and responsible person I know. As this was all happening on his side I had other things on my mind.

Honestly felt so sick one morning and was attending a meeting for work in Dublin city centre. I put it down to skipping breakfast and being up a little earlier than usual. When all of a sudden it hit me. I felt weak and knew straight up I was going to get sick. (I wasn`t even hungover) I had to think fast, real fast. I could try hold it, hopefully it will just pass. Or just make a big scene and stop the meeting by getting sick all over my HR. Excused myself politely (barely opening my mouth) and ran up the stairs to the toilets as fast as I could. Thankfully reached it just in time but when viewing myself in the mirror, I was a mess. I had to try fix myself up before returning. Hoping no one would notice, I took my seat and poured a fresh glass of water. Patiently waiting for lunch time as I was extremely hungry, time never went so slow. Felt so much better after and my day continued as normal. Even went for a hot chocolate in Bewleys with one of my friends that evening. Safe to say that day played in my mind for a while.

November went by and was delighted December had arrived. Especially because its my birthday along with my mam and sister Clare. Also who can forget christmas and the New year. Fortunate enough I was chosen as Employee of the year for my company out of Ireland. This was an extremely big achievement and probably one of the best nights out with all my friends and collageues which I will never forget.

The 19th which was a friday. I turned 25 and somewhat felt a little change. With my partner moving into his new home I decided to spend the weekend in Belfast with him. We arrived that evening and he told me to get ready as he was taking me out for dinner. As I was in the bathroom just about ready to head out, thoughts went through my head. “Now is not really a good time to do a pregnancy test or is it ?” There it was staring at me , popping out of the side pocket. It had been in my mind for a few weeks now and there was no going back as my partner had moved in and was just about to start his job in the New Year. The nerves and blood rushed through my veins. I stared at the mirror, “is it done yet”.

“Oh my god” double checking the box to be certain. My life changed by seeing two pink lines. Now I was about to change his. As I entered the room , he told me how beautiful I looked. Smiling back I could not hold it in, tears filling my eyes with joy as I take my hand from behind my back. I hand him the magic stick. His face said it all, he wrapped his arms around me and I felt like it was a movie, not my normal life. What a wonderful birthday present. Overwhelmed with it all, make up had ran down my face, i topped it up and we headed out for dinner as planned. Not only were we celebrating my Birthday but finding out we are going to be parents, this was something I never felt before. I loved him and he loved me. Devoted as we were, noting could prepare us for the changes that was about to happen in the New Year.

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