The 3 A`s Affection, Appreciation, Amour

When I think of these words, My parents come to mind. They have been unbelievably breathtaking, strong individuals.

My Dad, a man that keeps his emotions to himself , jokes alot and seems to take life in his stride. Our childhood consisted of him always bringing home treats after work, making the best ham and cheese toasties and being our private chauffeur. Some things havent really changed.

Mam, a beautiful woman that takes care of business. Has a heart of gold, very caring and is such a happy person even though her life was tough. She always put us first, makes the best roast dinners and always knows how to cheer us up. Especially with a cup of tea.

  1. Affection- The love and gentle care that was given and still is to this day. I am very grateful for them both. No matter how hard life got, they put us first and devoted all their time to what we needed. Supporting us through school from uniforms, homework and afterschool activities. Encourage`s in every way,our passions and strenghts. Provided us with a home and the necessities of life. For this I thankyou for all the affection you have given.
  2. Appreciation- Respect comes to mind, it took me a while to realise this. My teenage hormones sometimes got in the way. They respected my siblings and I so much and gave us a life we deserved. They valued our opinions, thoughts, creativity, growth and dreams. I appreciate all the warmth and belonging shown.
  3. Amour- Even though our love is not a secret, our day to day lives can fall into routine and we dont show it as much as we should. Having a baby has changed that all, not only for me but for the whole family. Surprisingly made a difference in the household, filled it with joy, hopefullness and belonging. I love my parents even more now. As my mother always said ” you will understand when you have children”. She was perfectly correct.
My heroes

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