Why I wanted to start a blog

I’ve always loved writing, secretly keeping diaries and starting blogs but never really sticking to it. Honestly thought about it for a long time before actually doing it, fear of the unknown I suppose.

Or maybe I just never found the right topic. Jumping from writing about a holiday to Tenerife to the likes of what new dance routine I choreographed was not collaborating.

After having a beautiful baby girl , I wanted to share my journey as a first time Mother and get creative. This was something I was truly passionate about.

My sister Clare who has her masters degree in media would hound me day-to-day when I was pregnant to start a blog, take pictures and videos. Sometimes I thought she was more excited than me. Truthfully I just enjoyed my pregnancy to keep to myself. (somewhat regret it now)

What really turned the tables for me was learning how to breastfeed. Remember reading a quote in the hospital which stayed with me.

“Breastfeeding is like learning how to ride a bike, its hard at first but gets easier”

I didn’t know anyone who pursued breastfeeding or who actually even tried. Apparently its an Irish thing.

Being the youngest in the hospital ward after giving birth, I couldn’t believe none of the other mothers were breastfeeding. This got me thinking a lot. Maybe I can inspire young woman, give them hope and maybe incline towards whats natural.

Understandably it’s not for everyone, but I believe I can help and try make a difference.

Laura xoxo

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